Oil-Only Absorbent Rolls

Oil-Only Absorbent RollsOil-Only Absorbent Rolls are efficient and cost effective, absorbing only petroleum-based fluids and repelling water. They are more economical for use in large spills when compared to other kinds of oil only absorbents products such as pads, because of the large area that oil only absorbent rolls can cover. Oil only rolls are made of melt blown polypropylene and will repel water while absorbing petroleum based fluids.

These rolls are designed to absorb large amounts of oil from low to high viscosity; from gasoline to hydraulic oil. Easily tear down to size needed. These oil only absorbent rolls can also be layered together to cover small to large spills. Applications include, but are not limited to oil spills on land or water, auto shops, marine, boat decks, industrial, factories, machinery, engine rooms, marinas, construction sites, and other oil spill cleanup applications.

Oil only sorbents for all oil spill applications and cleanup use:

  • Pure melt blown polypropylene fibers are the most cost-effective adsorption technology
  • Fast-wicking fibers absorb up to 25 times their weight in hydrocarbon fluids
  • These durable, medium-weight rolls absorb petroleum based liquids, not water
  • Cost efficient and effective oil-only absorbing roll option
Oil-Only Rolls Med. Wt. (dimples+perforations)
OR 30″W X 150′ L 1/bale $68.00/bale

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