only-only absorbent booms

Oil-Only Absorbent BoomsUnique biodegradable oil-only absorbent boom products absorb considerably more petroleum-based liquids than pure poly booms.

This Oil-only absorbent boom provides containment and maximum adsorption while repelling water. These oil-only absorbent booms absorbs oil on land or water, even when it is raining. They will not sink even if the oil-only boom is saturated. Oil only booms are manufactured using anti-shed or non-lint netting. Overlapping clips for deployment in any length, also include embedded rope for easy deployment and retrieval in water. Oil only absorbing booms are ideal for wastewater troughs, loading docks, ponds, rivers, and oceans to absorb oil spills.


  • Oil only (for petroleum-based liquid spills in water or on land)
  • Fast-wicking fibers absorb up to 25 times their weight in hydrocarbon fluids
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Non-shed (each section equipped with a durable sock and netting)
  • Poly/Cellulose blend absorbs more petroleum-based liquids than pure poly boom
  • Rope and Snap Clips for easy deployment and retrieval
Oil Only Booms
OB 5″X10′ 4/bale $53.00/bale
OB 5″X20′ 2/bale $52.00/bale
OB 5″X40′ (non stock, full skid only) 1/bale $51.00/bale

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